who am i ?

I am 39 years young, wife to an amazing husband, mother to two beautiful children, business owner, entrepreneur,exercise addict and low carber. Several months ago, my family and I made that tough decision to broaden our horizons and we immigrated to Utrecht in July 2018. It has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences so far. Moving has been deeply unsettling and forced me to shift out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. I feel like I am so comfortable in uncomfortableness, you can throw just about anything at me!

 Although I was born in Zimbabwe, I grew up in South Africa from the age of 4. I have always been a person with a love for movement. I started sport young and found myself increasingly drawn to the addiction of movement. By the time I was 12 years old, I had junior South African Colours in Rhythmic Gymnastics and by 14, I was representing my country at a senior level internationally. I was also heavily involved in dancing; ballet being my primary love. A normal week for me included school, training in rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, contemporary and spanish dancing with little to no time for anything else. I learnt all about compromise, persistence and taking the body to breaking point. I learnt about resilience and inner strength. The mental strength to fight for what you believe in. All for the love of a sport! 

Following on from the end of my school career, I joined the South African Ballet Company taking my dream of dancing to the next level. Unfortunately politics at a senior level within the company and the Theatre where we were based resulted in the Company closing its doors. I was devastated to let my dream go. So many years of hard work and dedication gone within a moment and through no cause of my own. During this turbulent period, I began to realise that I had been given a gift and I found myself on the brink of something new. A chance to redefine myself after so many years committed to one goal. A clean slate with which to pursue new dreams, new experiences and new challenges. Staying true to my heart in the love of movement, I was accepted into a Honours Degree in Physiotherapy. The idea of redefining yourself is always easier than the implementation. Losing your defining and unique characteristic is daunting to say the least and experiencing this loss while embarking on one of the most stressful periods in a young life, was incredibly challenging. Just over one year into my studies, I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. As a proudly controlled and definitive person, I was handed the uncontrollable. A lifelong disease requiring daily time, energy, focus and determination. No days off and no one to take the reins. I have experienced more burn outs, more tears and more triumphs through this illness than normal people will experience in a lifetime. I strive to never be consumed and limited by my condition.


After 14 years as a Sports and orthopedic physiotherapist in South Africa, I felt a disconnect within myself. I want to support people wholeheartedly and in all areas of their life and not only physically. Be it mental, emotional, nutritional etc. This fueled and validated my need to expand my horizons and work on the next phase of my career. I completed an International accredited qualification in Coaching with the International Coaching Academy as well as the professional certification and dieticians certification in LCHF diets through the Nutrition Network. 

I am passionate about working with people and supporting them on their respective journeys towards health and wellness. I want to guide people in finding time for self awareness and self healing. I have walked the road of perfectionism, addictive disorders, self judgement and blame. I am commited to finding the true me buried beween the layers I have built up over time. And I am commited to finding the real you too. True happiness lies in loving oneself first.


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