all things coaching

I believe in the power of a human, in the uniqueness we own as individuals.

I believe the capacity for growth and development is endless..

I care..

I believe in the power of living a full and beautiful life, the life that you choose..

I believe in walking this path beside you, through the highs and the lows..

The good and the bad..

The failing forwards..

You deserve the freedom to be your true self, to achieve the greatest you..

The real you in this crazy, untame world of uncertainty and prejudice..

What is coaching

Coaching is a collaborative solution that unlock’s ones true potential to maximise growth, personal developement and performance. It is a safe and supportive environment which allows you. the coachee, to learn and expand your horizons through self awareness rather than teaching. The power lies in the belief that we, as individuals intuitively know our own path and destiny. Through experienced guiding and a systematic and scientific process, I will walk the journey with you, supporting you and cheering you on.

So that is the fancy version of what coaching is. The easier version is this.. You have a desire and need for change. But you are not sure how or where to begin. A coach asks you the right questions which allows you to understand what needs to change, how it can change and how to actively get the change you want

What does coaching give you

Uncover pre-existing assumptions and insights and discover more about yourself.

Understand patterns of behavior about yourself, how you interact with others and situations

Get a clear understanding of what you really want and find the courage and to go for it

To reconnect with the true you, your beliefs and your values. And in doing so, find your authentic self

To establish the purpose in your life and to take the action in fulfilling that purpose wholeheartedly

To discover self liming beliefs that sabotage your growth and develop ways to embrace your new beliefs

if i have a diabetic educator, do i need a coach?

The answer is YES! absolutely! 

An educator can teach you about the basics of diabetes and how it will affect your life. They assist you with the management of your medication, how to inject and the day to day aspects diabetes. They are also responsible for ensuring routine examinations like eye tests and blood tests are carried out. Diabetic educators form an integral part of the diabetes management team.

A coach takes the information and advice given by the educators and assists and mentors the individual in implemeting what has been advised. The mindset and habits that allow you to take control and focus on the nitty gritty of life obtacles, motivation and consistency. They are the missing link between the receiving of advice and the doing of the advice, using accountability and the ever present support. 

In addition, a coach will support you in the emotional and mental toll of living with Diabetes. The frustration, the burnout, the judgement and the stress. They can assist you in creating lifestyle management strategies to enhance your quality of life thus living the life you deserve. 


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