Build your basics

Who is this programme for

Are you someone who has become discouraged by their struggles despite your efforts to create a healthy lifestyle

Are you someone that desires to take their wellness to the next level

Do you lack the motivation, the direction or the know how to create your own dream lifestyle

Would you like to design healthy and sustainable habits that support both you and your condition 

Are you motivated and full of energy and determination to work hard for the thing that matter most in your life..YOU!

What is expected of you

A commitment to change and a winner attitude

The strength to face challenges head on regardless of the fear and anxiety you may be feeling

A sense of humour and an openess to challenge the old you

Week to biweekly worksheets to follow through on week to biweekly coaching

Easy to use self monitoring and progression lists

What is expected of me

To be your accountability partner, your confidont and your pillar of strength and understanding

To support you during the process as best I can

To be honest, non judgemental and real

To be approachable and reachable outside our coaching sessions for questions or concerns 

Build your basics

The Build you Basics programmes are practical programmes in creating positive and sustainable lifestyle habits to suit you and your condition. The Build your Basics programme is an 8-12 week programme.

A clear understanding of the fundamentals of wellness and how they support you. Namely, sleep, nutrition, movement and emotional and mental clarity
A better understanding on how to successfully implement positive change in your life and the confidence to maintain the changes you have made in the long run
A focused vision on what your personal wellness pillars embody, the impact they have on your health and the long term benefits they give you and your condition
Plus so much more… I have a very large treasure chest of education, worksheets and references to suit your individual needs

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