love to live.lite

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for someone like you by someone like you.

Are you someone that knows that you need something more in your life? 

Do you believe that you can live as the very best version of yourself but you are not sure how?

Would you like to free yourself from ngative thoughts and judgements around your illness and who you are as an individual?

Would you like framework and stuctures that support the person you want to become?

Do you want to live beyond your illness instead of being defined by it?

What is expected
of you

An open mind, an open heart and some creative thinking

Excitement and enthusiasm in making positive changes to your life

Time for reflection and courage to ask yourself the tough questions

Week to biweekly worksheets to follow through on week to biweekly coaching

Easy to use self monitoring and progression lists

What is expected
of me

To be your accountability partner, your confidont and your pillar of strength and understanding

To support you during the process as best I can

To be honest, non judgemental and real

To be approachable and reachable outside our coaching sessions for questions or concerns 

Love to live.Lite

Similar to the full Love to Live coaching programme, Love to Live.lite is a shorter, 6-8 week programme focusing on you and your condition. It includes weekely one on one sessions with worksheets or activities inbetween. By the end of the programme, you will have the folllowing..

A clear understanding of the fundementals of wellness and how they support you. Namely, sleep, nutrition, movement and emotional and mental clarity
A better understanding and the creation a harmoneous relationship between you and your condition that services both your needs and that of your condition
The awareness of stress triggers, diabetes burnout and distress. Stress and life management strategies on multiple levels, including environmental, personal and social levels
Plus so much more… I have a very large treasure chest of education, worksheets and references to suit your individual needs

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